Viable Transformation

There are many frameworks and methodologies specifically focused on Change Management: Prosci ADKAR, Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM), John Kotter’s Leading Change, etc. They all, in one way or another, provide descriptions and guides on what the change management is and what the major steps to effectively manage a change are. They all have contributed considerably in increasing the general awareness for Change Management.

While there is now little ambiguity on What Change Management is, identifying the answers to ‘HOW TO questions has proven to be challenging, regardless of the methodology.

Incorporating our understanding of Cybernetics and the Viable System Modelwe have developed a Viable Transformation™ body of knowledge to provide sustainable and viable solutions, managing transformation and change in people and organizations.

The body of knowledge embodies two major areas:

  • Behaviour Transformation
  • Organizational Transformation

Behaviour Transformation

  • Understand the dynamics and complexities of behaviour change
  • Design effective tactics and interventions to transform behaviour
  • Ensure enduring and long-lasting results

Behaviour Transformation

  • Dynamics of Human Behaviour
  • The Dynamics of Conflict and/or Dispute
  • Psychology of Resistance
  • Complexities of Behaviour Change
  • Requirements of Change Interventions
  • Dynamics of Learning and Sense-Making

Organizational Transformation

  • Understand the dynamics of organizational structures and corporate cultures
  • Transform business processes and the organization
  • Design for viability and sustainable success

Organizational Transformation

  • Required Components for a Viable System
  • Lean Management and Lean Business Processes
  • Agile Structures and Agile Processes
  • Dynamics of Groups and Teams
  • Culture of Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement
  • Business Process Redesign


Our Thoughts on Viable Transformation

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