Negotiation Skills

Learn and improve your negotiation skills with a refreshingly new method.

Don’t focus on techniques and tools, learn to negotiate by heart, build your own tools and techniques.

Negotiate with confidence.

Let us use our 20 years of experience to help you negotiate Successfully

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The Structure

Negotiation Skills - Workshop Structure

Negotiate defined

Main components of a negotiation process

Cybernetics of negotiation

What does a good negotiation look like?

How to measure success?

Negotiation and conflict

Manage conflicts during a negotiation process

Conflict and emotions

Push and pull techniques in negotiation

Interests, objectives, and mutual gain

Language, and communication

Master difficult negotiations

Breakout rooms

Role playing practices of real-life negotiations

Group discussions and analysis of the problem

Open session for questions and answers

Built on Cybernetics

Negotiate with confidence

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